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Injustice Pro Series Finals and Current Standings


Confused Thanagarian
News Editor

With the Injustice Pro Series getting closer to finished, I'm sure many of you have been asking "okay, but when's the finals?". In a tweet from the official Injustice 2 Twitter page, we've got that answer.

And that answer is November 13th in Chicago (if the big image above wasn't a giveaway). If you want to get tickets, you can go click this link. Looks like it's happening at the Prysm Nightclub, wherever that is. Must be 17 to enter, so no bringing your kids. Of course, this will be up on the Netherrealm Twitch and, as usual, this is taking place on a Tuesday.

Don't really have any other details for you, but now would be a great time to talk about who's actually going to the finals right now. Every seat is locked in now, except who whoever wins East Coast Throwdown, Liga Latina finals and the Intercontinental Championship. To avoid complications, anyone in the Top 12 can't enter for Injustice 2. So our points qualifiers are:

1. Noble Tweedy
2. EchoFox Sonic Fox
3. bc Biohazard
4. Noble Rewind
5. Noble Semiij
6. PG Hayatei
7. DR_Gross
9. DF Grr
10. Viennality IrishMantis
11. Method SylverRye
12. Echo Fox Scar
13. Viennality HappyPow

If you are wondering why I skipped 8, bc Honeybee is guaranteed his seat as the Elite Circuit winner. We will know everything by October 21st, which gives everyone 4 weeks or so to prepare once things are set in stone. And we'll be updating you along the way, so keep an eye on TYM if you don't want to keep track of everything on your own. We've got you.