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Injustice Mobile: Why you may have been banned and what to look out for


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The official Injustice: Gods Among Us website received an update today concerning player banning. It mainly deals with WBID's. Some players may have been banned due to sharing their WBID with other players and/or friends in order to unlock console versions of skins, etc. Well, the implementation that NetherRealm Studios has in place will look at this and think of it as "hacking", therefore you are advised not to share your WBID. Here's more:


"Since the launch of the Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile game multiplayer update, it has come to our attention some players are being banned from playing the game.

We believe for the majority of cases, this is happening due to our implementation of catches in the game that stop hackers/cheaters from playing the online battle mode. Those catches have resulted in banning of players who were not necessarily trying to cheat the system for a variety of reasons and we’re trying to resolve these issues.

One of the causes of this issue is the sharing of WBID credentials, something that players have been doing in order to unlock console content without having to play through the console game. Using a WBID profile in this way is actually hacking and the game will recognize that WBID account as such, and anyone using that WBID will be banned.

If any individual has hacked a particular WBID, all players sharing those WBID credentials could be banned. It is recommended that everyone signs up for a unique WBID.

If you are being banned for another reason, please go here to report the issue:

Source: Injustice.com


Hmm. I was able to log in today but didn't get my daily rewards. I wonder if this has anything to do with it?


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Pretty much 90% of the online "multiplayer" teams are hacked.
Doesn't seem that this measures are really working lol, but hey who cares.

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did i mention that im poison?
i was banned. but nothing to worry about... on console everythings fine, didnt lose any costumes or wins.. etc you'll be fine.

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no one even plays the app version of the game so this banning is pointless and like everyone else is saying who cares to be honest.


Pfft, maybe they shouldn't force us to play shitty iOS games in the future? I literally spent hours playing a laggy and awful game to unlock costumes. Whereas those costumes should be a part of the MAIN game in the first place. Why the hell would you make rewards for one game tied to another?

If you HAVE to do it then at least don't make it so that the player has to spend 15+ hours on a shitty iOS game. Give us extra rewards for playing 15 matches, not 5,000. I can only imagine how much long it would have taken if I didn't have Prison Superman from the beginning.

I'm grateful for the fact that people shared their accounts, this WBID crap needs to die. In fact, how about they spend less time banning people for not wanting to play a shitty game and go patch Batman: Arkham Origins? Fucking anti-consumer assholes is what they are.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, I wouldn't have even had all the unlocks if not for people sharing. The game is so broken that when I voted for the app to get Bane's costume, it didn't unlock. So I HAD to use someone else's account.