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    Actually, preCrisis Grundy was slapping Superman around at one point. It all depends on incarnation of the character. Post crisis He also does get different powersets depending on the circumstances of his death. And in new52 he can be an Avatar for Grey,Green and Red(look it up:))Yeah and Doomsday can evolve past the powers that killed him or even injured, so if Flesh isn't instantly erasing him from reality and just hitting him fast for starters he will either become as fast as the Flash or will be giving of some kind of energy field shit that will slow down the Flash. Lanterns both yellow and green become spacetime manipulators once they are joined with the creatures that represent their light(Parallax and Ion respectively). And don't even get me started on superman. PreCrisis he was destroying universes with a sneeze, and pulling new powers out of his ass every story. And even postCrisis some of his incarnations are stupid(Superboy prime punching reality,Superman prime resting in the sun and becoming a God etc.)
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    Damn, even DC Universe tier lists vary depending on the author!

    Oh, and I ordered everybody on that list alphabetically, except for Superman. (Edit: The Joker as well...)
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    I changed the host from zippyshare to rapidshare now it should be fine, try to download it and tell me if there are still problems.
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    You're wrong and you should feel bad for posting this.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Grundy body some 90% of the JL casually in the golden age comics?
    As in made Hal Jordan his bitch because the Green Lantern rings don't work on plants (dafaq)
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  6. Kibaris

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    Thanks man, I consider reducing the Tiers to S, A, B, C, F and 8 slots per Tier up from 7. What do you think?
  7. [​IMG]

    This is a tier list I constructed with my biffle cause we disagree with reo. Discuss.

    Edit: Batgirl is bloodied due to new release and still unexplored and flash because of new tech found with rocket punch (don't quote me on name of ability)
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    This is my personal tier list.


    (I put blood on Lex because he is dead.)
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    Catwoman S+?????
  10. Kibaris

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    hahahahaha! So chef we got a new use for blood? :p btw u think I should reduce the tiers to S, A, B, C, F ?
  11. Kibaris

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    Doombawkz what do u have to say about my tier list? :p
    Bane S+ the rest is history!
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    Fun tier list :)

    I usually disregard Batman in all conversations. The amount of wanking both fans and writers give him is ridiculous.

    Flash is a tricky character. If he tapped his full potential, he really would be unbeatable. Lots of characters can do crazy things with their powers though, like Superman for example.

    Hal, Black Adam, Sinestro and Shazam belong in the same tier as Supes. They have all had great feats throughout their histories and all of them can go toe to toe with Superman, even they would lose in the end.

    My last gripe is that Ares should be above all of them. Yes he has been defeated by WW in the past, but there is usually a plot reason behind his defeat. He is one of the most powerful Olympians. He is basically Diana's Darkseid. (And I don't think Clark should be able to handle DS alone either.) Ares is a full league level threat.

    I'm not familiar with characters like Raven, so I can't comment on them!
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  13. TakeAChance

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    Do you guys honestly believe Nightwing belongs up there with Superman and Adam? S for sure...but he is not the same caliber as Super Derp or Black Derp.

    This would be my version for funsies.

    Characters are in no particular order within tiers.

  14. Doombawkz

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    Horrendously incorrect
  15. Kiko

    Kiko Face it, you're done.

    BA and supes are trying to get themselves nerfed!!!
  16. Astrocytic

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    Ares is immortal.. He is S+
    Batman is a A
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    IMO lex, grundy, the lanterns, shazam and black adam should be s tier. superman should be s+. deathstroke should go down one tier. and killer frost to the bottom because ice kills her :p. and batman two tiers down because... he's REALLY not that good.
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    that was the original green lantern, alan scott that didn't work in wood.

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