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Injustice 2: Superman High Damage Combo Video!


Mad scientist

This video is all about pushing his limits and seeing whats possible. These combos aren't really meant for matches, however there is a good amount of new tech on display that can be incorporated into regular matches..

Some of the highlights..

100% resets
100% reset setups
A double trait combo
Various new tech
And swag combos.

The ji2 to heat zap cannot be ducked (if timed right) and leaves you at plus 9.

The basic setup would be f23, j2, 11~db2 MB, (delayed) ji2, db3.

Or with trait.. f23~4, f2~db2 MB, (delayed) ji2, db3.

Both do over 300 damage + the chip. After the heat zap, you can mixup whatever you like..

Enjoy the video.

John Grizzly

The axe that clears the forest
Premium Supporter
Never fail to impress. Psyched to see you back with the insane combo videos! My god do I hate Superman, though. :)