Injustice 2 Pro Series Season 2 Announced

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By HellblazerHawkman on Apr 10, 2018 at 5:05 PM
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    BAM! It's official. The Injustice 2 Pro Series is making a return for a season 2. Teased by Ed Boon a few weeks back and accidentally leaked a few hours ago by one of the qualifying venues, we are looking at another run at that sweet $150,000 prize pool that Echo Fox Sonic Fox took home last year.

    So between this and the another year on the EVO circuit, it looks like Injustice 2 isn't quite dead just yet. This might be the shot in the arm the game needed to get some excitement back after the post-Legendary patch lull. I hope you guys have been hitting that training mode, because we'll have competition coming from all over the world looking to take home this money, so if you want a chance to get it, you'd best be at the top of your game.

    Dates and details on how to enter can be found over here. It looks to be mostly the same as last year, where various majors will get you points and the top 12 spots get a seat at the IPS finals. If you can't make it to every major, there will be regionals set up to help those who can't necessarily travel to every event and there will be a last chance qualifier for those on the brink of just getting in. Lot of ways to get in, so don't think you can't make it!

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    1. The_Tile
    2. Jolt
      Not first :(

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    3. HellblazerHawkman
      Damn, that was fast, I barely had time to hit "publish"

      Damn, that was slow, I had like, 3 years to hit "publish"
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    4. Rude
      Not bad for a "dead" game eh?
    5. Protagonist_1
      LET'S GOOOO!! !!
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    6. trufenix
      Good job nrs, good job community.

      Looking forward to another 6 months of Captain Cold downplay
    7. neveradestroyer
      He's downplayed so heavily... that even day one ex cold players like me don't play the game anymore.
      On the other side... please buff Firestorm more instead.... That's the balance the game deserves.

      Anyway!.... Congratulations to SonicFox in advance... Just skip the formalities and give him that Injustice 2 cheque already.
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    8. Baconlord
      Just more reasons to go to combo breaker.
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    9. Sutter Pain
      Sutter Pain
      Damn that is pretty short notice for Combo Breaker...they could not have announced a bit sooner?
    10. Slymind
      Very nice, i look forward to see some new talent rising up
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    11. Lt. Boxy Angelman
      Lt. Boxy Angelman
      Congrats to all the players who are gonna make this hype as hype can be in advance.

      I'll get excited when we get a balance patch.
      If this means new meta full of possibly game changing stuff, yes. Excitement.
    12. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      That's excellent news, really looking forward to it and what it brings up. Good luck to all the players in advance :)
    13. Skedar70
      And they did the same bullshit ass format for Liga Latina. Nobody plays injustice in the participating countries except for Brazil and Chile with Xinox and HeyGeorge. What a waste. Three events are in mexico where nobody plays the game. Good job with your three man brackets.
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    14. EntropicByDesign

      This makes me think the next game (mk11 or whatever) is a ways away, and Injustice will see continueing support.

      I don't play any more myself, but I respect the game and really enjoy watching it. I consider myself a part of the NRS community regardless of the game(s) I play, so it's awesome to see this extension for a lot of reasons, not the least of which being the game simply deserves coverage, and events, and hype. It also makes me miss my Beetle and Hellboy a little and give some small thought to dusting them off at some point.

      Anyway, it will be interesting to see how things play out across the competitive spectrum. Fox has been hitting DBFz hard, and I wonder if that will echo into his performance, or if he'll just go hard with Inj2 or what. I hope to see some of the younger/newer NRS stars come up as well and make for some interesting top8s.

      With additional competitive support, we should see additional game play support, so it'll be interesting to see what/how all that comes to pass. Balance changes, maybe some dlc characters? I haven't followed the state of the game in a while, so I have no idea where the various characters sit, but I love meta shakeups for their own sake.

      So.. yeah.. Fuck yeah bois and grillz.

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