Injustice 2 Gear System or Variations?

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat Series' started by RonnyRAGE, Apr 18, 2018.


Injustice 2 Gear System or Variations

  1. Gear System 2-4 New Moves

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  2. Variations MKX

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  1. RonnyRAGE

    RonnyRAGE Noob

    I personally liked unlocking new moves in Injustice 2. I hope the do the same for MK11 but allow them in Tournaments.

    Like a majority of you. I picked a variation I liked and stayed with it.

    Instead of balancing 90+ Kharacter Variations NRS can spend more time making more Stages!!!
  2. dennycascade

    dennycascade UPR_ghastem

    I believe there was a leak from the same guy(s) who leaked the whole IJ2 cast on 4chan before it came out. They said the variations will be coming back.
  3. Braindead

    Braindead High-functioning Scrub

    3 variations of Mokap pls.

    One of them to be based around a green screen.
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  4. Jhonnykiller45

    Jhonnykiller45 Shirai Ryu

    Got a link to said leak? You might be thinking about a bogus MK11 'leak' that came from Reddit, rather than 4chan.
  5. neveradestroyer

    neveradestroyer Tier hero... lowest tier amazing player.

    Variations is better than gear by a mile.Sadly to see that They made non tournament viable things hidden with gears... disgusting.
  6. juicepouch

    juicepouch blink-182 enthusiast

    Preferably neither.
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  7. Crusty

    Crusty Carpe Noctem
    Premium Supporter

    Gear but no gear moves; those are cancer.

    Absolutely no variations.
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  8. Gooberking

    Gooberking 99.9% free

    Fuck gear. Variations 4life
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  9. HeavyNorse

    HeavyNorse So thirsty

    If the Gear System becomes an MK11 thing, I want it to be purely aesthetic! No stats, no lootboxes, no trash like that. However, I LOVE character customization! Being able to alter a character's costume with different parts of gear was the only part of the gear system I liked in I2.

    I wasn't a big fan of Variations, mostly because some of them felt very hammed in. I admit, being a Jade fan, seeing Kitana had just been given Jade's special moves while Jade was nowhere to be seen at all except for some cameo... it stung deeply. Should the Variation system return, I hope each character will just have 2 each, so we will have more characters.

    So with only 2 Variations per character and the Gear System being purely aesthetical, I see no reason why we can't have both.

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