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General/Other I'm thinking of picking up Scorpion.


I have been looking at Scorpion as a counter for Deathstroke since I cannot figure out that matchup with Catwoman. I have always believed that Scorpion is still as dirty as fuck but after the patches, the major difference is that you need to do 3 kombos instead of the 1 you used to get away with. After seeing Slips give up on Scorpion, I"m not sure what else there is to say. His tournament viability at this point depends on whether or not the opponent knows the matchup now.

I will always believe that tier lists don't matter and that if you love a character, you'll find a way to make it work. At the end of the day, it's your gaming experience. Don't let our jaded opinions deter you. If you're looking at Scorpion to win tournaments for you, Then you might want to look elsewhere or have a strong backup character.


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If you are a better player, you still are probably going to win with Scorpion.

If the other player has never or rarely fought Scorpion, they will probably, really quickly lose.


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Bro, I have scorp tech!!! But idk if anyone know about it, because i dont pay attention to the scorpion forum...is there a scorp forum?