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I'm Officially Converting.

Lt. Boxy Angelman

After spending roughly a year and a half in the service of the Lin Kuei, and knowing fully well neither my Cyrax nor my Sub will ever drop below Left & Right Hand Status...the time has come for me to enlist my full and nearly-undivded attention to another.

Long story short, and in the name of saving you the trouble of reading 15 lines of diatribe, I'm secondarying Kofi Kingston and Kuai Liang and officially maining Ermac from this day forward.
I know him like the back of my hand, but I've always favored Cyrax in spite of the fact that I have better reflexes in red than in yellow. And seeing the work of zaf, k-frog and the host of other members of the Many hard at work at NEC was enough to make me consider a change in atmosphere.
So I'm keeping the gold and blue on a hangar, and letting the prodigal schizophrenic do my talking for a while. Not as a sidekick, but as the new star of the show.

Shit, I'm legitimately partly schizophrenic, and my favorite Pokemon are Psychic.
I oughta fit right in.
This isn't just another "Hey, this week I'm gonna focus on THIS GUY" kind of thread. I need to re-draw my battle plan from the ground up, with a new leader, and the ONLY character I have to my credit that didn't fail me at all this weekend was the mighty Mac.
So I'm in here. For good. For a fucking while.
No more Cyrax with a side of everyone. No more Sub #2, who cares who else there is.
Teach me, tribe. I don't want to be a pocket psychotic anymore.
I want full-blown madness.

Let's go. Sksubnzrk ubnkrzbnrk uvnaulheh alzeiubisdkjn. Yeah.

Lt. Boxy Angelman

Also: B2 shenanigans and B12F1 corner loops make me wanna cause an explosion and make love to the fire.


(No one's ever gonna get that joke...)


You will BOW to me!
that only works once tho.

i think the only character u can still loop is sheeva.
It works without EX TKS as well but you need to time it right. Ermac has a 58% dmg combo meterless in the corner.

Jp B2 (7% i think), B1, 3x B12F1, 22, TKP.