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If Every Stage Had a Stage Fatality....


What would you like? :eek: :D

For the normal Hourglass stage I guess like getting into the Hourglass and then Kronika's fatality just happens to them.

For Jurassic Hourglass I'd do something with the T-Rex gobbling them.

Tarkatan Camp a bunch of Tarkatan pile onto the loser to eat them, tear'em apart.

Shang Tsung Courtyard....I guess like either a meteor coming down on them, or Meat popping up to kill them.

Art Lean

To start, I wish the stage fatalities were performed like a stage brutality (ie. like in the original trilogy), I’m not a fan of the pre-recorded FMV sequence where they die in the same place every time.

Also I’d much prefer the Shaolin Trap Dungeon fatality if it was short, fast and viscously simple, like an update to Shang’s MK3 bed of spikes fatality, where they just get lifted and slammed onto the spikes. I love the ending image of the trap dungeon’s fatality, with the spike through their mouth as they twitch their last moments of life away, but the whole preceding sequence of being smashed into the ceiling feels way too over the top and cartoony.

With that out of the way, it seems ridiculous that both Koliseum arenas don’t have a fatality involving the beasts. They look like they were made for it :confused:
Alright, here's my top 3 and no not every arena needs to have one, like the Hour Glass arenas ones, Retrocade, Fire Garden, Sea of Blood, Garage bunker:

* Koliseum
  1. grab the opponent and throw him onto the execution pole where he's impaled
  2. throw him down the hatch and just hear beasts tearing him apart with the occasional limb coming out and blood splatter
  3. throw him onto the tracks where the horse and cart will trample the opponent
* Beast Pen
  1. kick him in the mouth so he shows a little blood or grab a bucket of meat and throw it all on the opponent before fading into the dark, showing those main hounds approach and devour the opponent.
  2. throw him into the entrapment, show the dragon emerge from the dark to set the opponent ablaze, end animation throwback to Scorpion's MK1 fatality
  3. kick him towards the beast keeper, who tears him apart and throws their limbs into a bucket, but this would probably be too long and too gruesome.
* Tarkatan War Kamp
  1. put him into the fire, doesn't matter how, and then watch Tarkatans / a Tarkatan use their arm blades to pierce different parts of the body to hold him up to slowly burn him and prep him for a meal.
  2. thrown towards the group of Tarkatans who will first hogtie the opponent and then place him in the fire with the rest.
  3. thrown towards the butcher on the right side of the stage, who you see vaguely do some stuff a butcher does before putting an animal on a hook and then does.
  4. hold the opponent, put his head into the fire, kick it off and then one Tarkatan out of the group pierces it. Maybe eats it.
  5. kicked to the ground, Tarkatans come to take him apart with their blades, fade to black and then fade in to them sitting around the fire eating a piece.
  6. uppercut him so he lands on the fire, while he's burning a bit a tarkatan appears and uses one arm blade to pick him up and pierce him while he slowly moves towards the Tarkatan's other blade / mouth. Throwback to Baraka's original and in my opinion best fatality in MK2. In the back you see the eyes and blades spark of the other tarkatans who also want a piece.
I'll leave the rest to y'all.


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It would be the best MK ever made imo.

Hive of the Kytin: That giant spider from the Krypt eats half their body, call back to Liu's MK2 fatal.

Fire Garden: Shirai Ryu ninjas send spears and take the opponent appart, head, arms and legs. Their eyeballs fly off and hit the screen.

BD Fight Club: Someone throws a bottle of liquor at the opponent and Kano (off screen) throws his lighter at them. We hear the 'TOASTY' as they burn (idk lmao).

Black Market Alley: Your character detaches wires from the generator and sticks them on the opponent.

Cyber Lin Kuei Assembly: Cyrax, Sektor and Cyber Sub combo them. Ends into a rocket explosion or something.

Goro's Lair: Demons that are watching behind the gates burst through and drag the opponent away. Limbs fly.

Karon's Ship: Your char stuffs the opponent in the canon and fires it lmao.
To add: Goro's Lair - The Oni coming alive and bashing the opponent with his giant ball and maybe have the chain or those bats / creatures in the dark incorporated.