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Question Ideas for Kobra


The difference being that in any given thread about DLC characters, a relitively sizable group wants to see Ashrah in a game alongside the other two - albeit less then them (they seem to be the most popular missing 3D characters)

Kobra gets about as much excitement as Moloch in threads i.e. not much.

You can get excited about him if you wish - I just think resources would best be spent where you don't have to redesign a whole character to make it work.
, and then pretending Ashrah wasn't a failure too
True, but at least she had a somewhat interesting look and back story.

I can't even recall what Kobra's purpose was or affiliation with anyone in the game? Red dragon related maybe? And his moves didn't seem to make any sense for the character.


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NRS is pretty darn good at breathing life into their character designs. I trust they can make just about any character cool AF....except Kobra.

Not even NRS could redeem that weak sauce.