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Ideal loadout for Jade MU?


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I was originally using Low shot, Air charge, flamethrower

But I realized the arm cannon can knock Jade out of the air when she jumps for air glave.
So Low shot, Arm Cannon, and...flamethrower? Works well if I can actually get in.
This is a really touch match up. Fuck Glow. That should cost a slot or get more startup/recovery frames smh


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Air charge is mandatory. Punishes edenian spark, the recovery of air fb and greedy glow activation. And if they block it you are in. If she has glow arm rocket doesn't stop her from doing anything. Also the kb it's a nice plus as you try to win the damage race.


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I'd say your loadout, Air Charge, Low Shot, and Flamethrower. That ensures you also have access to Parry. If you can ever get the life lead, you can make it very difficult for her to get in. You can punish glow or spark on reaction with hop~charge, you still force a glow-heavy playstyle thanks to low shot, you're able to convert stray hits into flamethrower enders, and you can parry glaives on reaction, so she literally can't zone you unless she's got the life lead. Cobra and Wrist Cannon are non-factors in this MU, I think.