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I hope they dont mess DLC up


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The roster to the game is almost the first decided thing, before anything is budgeted or planned at all. That's nonsense.
very true, at this point they have all planned already, even the Kombat Pack 2 characters, if it's supposed end having a KP2 at all in MK11 .... very rare to them just take a "last minute" decision regarding these things (characters chosen to be in the game)


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I love all the "NRS needs to do this with dlc" posts when WB most likely has most of the say since at the end of the day they write the checks. So all of you make it a habit of telling your boss how it's going to work?
I do lol. I tell my boss every day when something to do with operations is fucking stupid. Only because it should be common sense and I have the “told you so” working for me when the chaos unfolds.


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While I'd love to see Mileena, the Mournful fiasco in MKX proves that we are almost entirely unlikely to get her this time around. Which makes me sad but oh well.

As far as DLC goes, Ermac, Reptile, Sindel and Sheeva I think would be almost an absolute must.
Who else we get, I don't really care.
I really wished we'd get the whole umk3 roster.