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I Hope MK11 Will Have an Online Ranking System Similar to Tekken or Street Fighter Ranked Play

Ranking system for MK11?

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Honestly, I still don't know why NRS hasn't jumped on ship when it comes to the idea of online ranking systems.

There really isn't a solid way of determining someone's skill considering people could just be defeating opponents who are not nearly as good as them in ranked play.

For more inexperienced players it must create a huge hassle too.

I know many of my friends who wouldn't ever dare touch ranked play because they know that eventually they'll face someone that will absolutely curb stomp them without them even having an opportunity to realize what they're doing wrong. If newer players play against opponents in their same skill range, they will also be more likely to improve and to keep playing. Having an opponent that is at your same level or reasonably above a person's level is so important for fighting games.

Not only that though, but ranking systems give players incentive to keep playing. I literally have grinded Tekken 7 just so I could see myself eventually get to a rank that I have never reached before. It's very motivating and it's quite honestly, the only reason I keep playing the game.

Sure, it's not a fool proof system. There are always those kinds of people that will boost, but with proper handling of the online infrastructure, they could ban those people if need be.

In my opinion there really isn't a reason why every fighting game shouldn't have an online ranking system. I really hope it's what they've been talking about when it comes to new online modes.