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I cant win with Mileena Online

I know I suck but for real, I cant win with her online. I just feel like she attacks too slow and doesnt have a lot of range

Any tips or tricks or anything to point me in the right direction so I can get better with her?
I am a new player as well but I have played some Mileena myself and also against her. She is not strong but she is still good enough to win matches. Her special moves are super unsafe. Stop throwing them out raw randomly or predictably. That what suicidal Mileenas in KL I face constantly do. Also they rely too much on forward four even right in your face - too slow and can be mashed out with a poke.
I would usually go for forward one string for a quick punish, after a low poke or when I anticipate or see my opponent going for a move or string with a slow startup. Ball into combo to go under certain ranged strings which start with a high. Or high projectiles shot at closer ranges. But this is mostly on a read. Sai to check them after whiffing moves at a distance or after a pushback once you blocked them. Back one one into combo for punshing stuff which is right in your face or for meatying mashers on wake ups. Her sweep and overhead are both nice and cover distance but don’t forget that they are safe but your turn is over))


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Mileena is pretty underrated because most peoples don’t use her movement as well as they should be. She’s one of two or three characters than can back dash out of kano’s d1 frame trap after f12b2. (Fujin can as well). She’s meant to be played super lame- throwing said most of the match, staggering the 11 string, d1 back dash, f1 is 0 on block.

The same way how people are now discovering Rambo has some of the better staggers in the game, you just have to work with the tools she has and she does have some good ones. I do feel she’s weaker than Rambo, but watch Koisy if you want an idea of how to play her.


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I know I suck but for real, I cant win with her online. I just feel like she attacks too slow and doesnt have a lot of range

Any tips or tricks or anything to point me in the right direction so I can get better with her?
Every Monday-Thursday at 1pm Central time, there is a streamed MK league called R1p's Arena (LINK). There are some absolutely insane Mileena players in there almost every day. I'd highly recommend dropping by sometime to check them out, or you can watch some of the saved videos in the channel.

I wish I could give more specific advice, but she's a character I know almost nothing about. Her backdash is supposed to be one of the best in the game, and I do see those insane Mileena players using her movement to great effect, similar to Rain. She doesn't seem to have the damage, staggers, mix, or just raw bulldozing potential of the stronger characters, so you really do just have to outplay your opponent with good spacing and movement.


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Because she sucks and relies on gimmicks. So don’t feel bad. You may have to adjust your play style for her in particular. My play style is rush down so I don’t really have to adjust with any character, I just take advantage of their gimmicks.


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I never did get super practiced with her but I when she came out I felt like the conversations around her were suggesting people weren't going about her the right way by default.

Without having any specifics about where someone is at, I'd say you need to focus on a number of things to get traction with her:
Be ready to Zone
Wave dashing
what is punishable with 9f

Zone: Don't treat her like a yolo or rushdown character. Her Sais are some of the best projectiles in the game. Normal Sai is hard to jump over, and they double hit eating through stuff that might offer single hit protection. Don't let people near you, weaken them as much as you can before engaging close up.

Wave Dash: She can move around way more freely than just about any other character. Wave dash like crazy to stay in good ranges. At least work on backdashing so you can try and zone when it won't land you in the corner. Use it to say out of her bad ranges instead of wiffing attacks and getting frustrated by her reach.

Jail: Don't just try and b11 then complain she has no range. D3 to jail into f1, and D3 to get frames to do f4 is your range. It's not as simple or a straight forward as say Raiden's options. If you aren't at the tip of her d3 or right on top of them, then you probably don't want to be there. Get in or get out, but don't stay there. Probably get just out and throw sais.

9f Punish: f1 is a decent, quick, advancing move. You can poke with it every now and then if you aren't being obvious enough to get d2'ed for abusing it. But a better use of it is to use its speed and range for a punish. If something is 9f punishable, then it will probably reach. f1 into ball roll will get you a full combo with meter. That requires you to know what those punishes are, which is something of an investment not everyone is up for. Don't build a habit of f1 into ball roll into pray it hits. That will get you obliterated. You have to know what those punishes are because you don't have time to hit confirm the f1.