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I’m loving this Johnny Cage announcer voice so far. Think we’ll get any more?

John Grizzly

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If only I could spend the Crystals I've earned on something I actually want, like the Johnny announcer voice. I can't spend an entire week playing tower after tower. I did it once and finished like top 6 percent and still didn't get the Raiden skin for that week. That soured me on every trying again.

It should just be a set amount of towers - say 20 or something. Games shouldn't feel like a job. It's already been said over and over again on here, though.

The Johnny voice is really cool, though. Hopefully there's an alternate way to unlock it in the future.


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You forget to mention, that Cetrion tends to be Dragon. You know, probably, the second best NRS player. Of course if there is a big skill gap between players, the matchup is not that important. But to say Cetrion wins the Scorpion matchup, is the biggest dellusion I've ever read.
I'm also a Cetrion player, of average skill, and I regularly beat Scorpion. He isn't a problem. 5-5 at worst.