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Video/Tutorial - Hish-Qu-Ten HQT - Unbreakable Combos


Barely anyone talks about the unbreakable damage HQT can do. IMO, he's one of the best characters at dealing unbreakable damage since his is practical and can be done off so many attacks and situations.

Video includes many meterless, one bar, and two or more bar unbreakable combos.

Eddy Wang

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Seems very practical as well, specially on those situations where you can punish with 212 and their meter fills up, going for these can be pretty useful.

good stuff.
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The scaling on that throw in the last combo. Wow. lol

It did like 2%. XD Either way, nice stuff, as always.
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Thanks, guys. This also doesn't include the set ups where you end with a disc and do more lasers from full screen for extra chip vs certain characters.


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Nice stuff Reo. Never thought about using the Disc to get a makeshift launch from the throw. Kinda reminiscent of Lao's throw setups with the grinding hat out in MK9. :p

Speaking of which @IrishMantis maybe you could post any lesser known unbreakable damage examples via Stunt Double's mimics + EX forceballs if you know of any?


Hypnosis > Dreameater (its a reset)
not my vid but a good example

Tremor gets all sorts of unbreakable damage in Metallic in Lava. you can low bolder for days. f12~boulder and you can hit like 4 of them for 30+, midscreen and corner. you can hit them after the boulders to get a restand or if you have xray you can make it all unbreakable for like mid 40s (only 3 boulders into xray tho for consistency)

I like to do f12~low boulder x4 3~db2u 12~db1 for 36 into a restand.
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