Strategy How To Thread: Cages Weaknesses

Discussion in 'Johnny Cage' started by Sao87, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. A F0xy Grampa

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    Its not different to say Raidens VB, or KLs 1121 on block, you're at 0 frames and you're give a bit of space, Cage has backdash into B3 to punish a character with short pokes, he can F3 if the opponent hesitates, you know the usual stuff.

    You make it into a mindgame yourself by seeing how your opponent reacts. Then once you figure that out work around it
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  2. salvificblood

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    I think I need to play this matchup over and over again, because while I know what to look for, and it always looks so easy on paper, I make so many bad reads when Cage is pressuring me (all down to Foxy being 10 times better than me), that I get caught out repeatedly. I get bored of being a punch bag and Foxy's Cage casually drinking all my slush puppies at the end of the round (because that's very much what I imagine him doing).
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  3. Nathan Frost

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    Nathan Frost
    Wow awesome thread Sao. I've been getting better at this MU with my Rain and after reading this I think I may have become more dangerous. Thanks for sharing dude.
  4. Canoptek Zombie

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    I notice that after his combo, where he hits you in the leg and trips you up, its nearly always followed by a shadow up kick that hapens to land him face to face behind you, where he goes into more of the "cage", any good ways to escape this, say with Rain? or Ermac?
  5. shad0ki11er 27

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    ok can someone help me with the sub zero againts cage MU i can win but its a really hard match really so can someone help me with what i need to do more to keep him out with his En shadow kick and other stuff how to keep him out and unable to do things???
  6. HGTV Soapboxfan

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    If he wants to sit there waiting to ex shadow kick a clone o blast, then dont clone or blast. play footsies, if he is focused on shadow kicking you will have an adv in footsies and should be able to more easily land a d4, slide, or just push him into the corner by making him back up.

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