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How to properly and safely convert from kotal's 12 tick throw setup


Joker waiting room
After playing for around 20 hours after the patch, I find 12 to be a noob trap, it's more useful to bait jumps than tick throw.

Reason being, people often eat the mid of 12 because they were mashing pokes, it's only good when you know your opp doesn't press buttons and that's when it becomes hitconfirmable. Otherwise, because you cannot hitconfirm (2) on it's own, people can often take the hit and not only will you not convert if you were looking for a hit, but your command grab will whiff as well. That's why not commiting to anything is a stronger option than anything else when you're doing this string.

Here's what you're able to get from baiting a jump with 12 tick throw threat.