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Tech how to ignore push block


we talked about this awhile back but it got buried so i figured i'd make a post for it :)

strings that let you wing evade push block .
j1-we , j2-we , j3-we , 3-we , 3xx-we , 2-we , 22-we , f13-we (f1 and f11 don't work with this tech)

d1-we works from max range but it's unreliable making it a lucky accident :p

mid screen we2 lands point blank and we3 is guaranteed hit with you landing on them for neutral jump side guess . in corner we2 lands guaranteed on everything but 2-we2 which lands point blank , and we3 is guaranteed hit neutral jump leaves you in corner for nice interactable combo or whatever you prefer .

any mb bounce cancle (12-ffmb/bbmb) absorbs the pushblock but that works for full cast .

mid screen i like to do we2-throw works everytime because they never see it coming , and in corner it gives you a good dmg combo and you stole a bar from them .
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