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How to do Rain's Jump Cancel Kombos and Setups (Guide)

I had a very rough time learning how to do Rain's Kara Jump Cancels. If you are not familiar with Kara Jump Cancels (aka Jump Cancels) it's canceling out of a special move cutting off recovery frames and going straight into another special. This is done by utilizing the Jump after special mechanic. If you've noticed after special moves the only thing you can do for a long recovery is jump.
Well not the case with Kara Jump Cancels. There are Jump Cancel Kombos into high damage and Jump Cancel Setups.

When I first asked around I got so many different inputs by pros for doing it that didn't work. I'm gonna attempt to simplify it so you can do them in one day.

Here's an example of a Jump Setups into Kombo:
What I'm doing is doing EXDB1 then waiting till I'm able to Jump then imputing BU+F1 so on your D-pad it will be Diagonally Forward with Up and Forward pressed at same time. Honestly not hard if you have Input Shortcuts ON and I also changed Kontrols to have Long input delay.
(you practice when to input Jump Cancels water beam by holding Up after doing EXDB1 several times.)

so the U+F input starts your jump but the But the BF+1 comes out and cancels into Water Beam which I fully charged to allow a setup like we did with Cyrax pre-patch.

Here is an example of a Jump Cancel Kombos you can get up to 47% with it with one bar as shown by SonicFox but here's my easier execution version so you all can get this down:
I'm doing the same thing but instead of DB1 into BF1 I'm doing EXDB1 into DB1 then calling close Jax.
The inputs are:
EXDB1, wait, DB+U1 and that's the cancel, to further complicate it I'm calling Jax right after I execute the meterless DB1.
You can do 3 EXDB1's in a single combo.

Here's another one:

And here's another:

Here is one of Sonics Jump Cancel Kombos:

If you do the Diagonal inputs like your normally doing the special like EXDB1, wait, DB1: you simply Do B+U in place of the B1 of DB1.
I promise you will get it in a couple hours then a whole world of possibilities open up for your Rain.

If you are having a hard time getting the cancel to come out you can do the D B+U1/B U+F1 input later so it always comes out but they won't connect but it will be good practice to get it into muscle memory.
Then practice doing the B-U+F1 input as soon as you are able to Jump on first couple frames so it connects for setups.
Both of these go into combo and extend damage for cash out.

I also did BF4 whirlpool with this and it does allow you to put it down safely on combos you normally can't. Your so plus by putting whirlpool early that they wakeup to the hit and you can do another special to catch them, possibly even pressure them.
Here's the Whirlpool Jump Cancel Setup:
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