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Question - Summoner How to deal with Summoner

KLK Lukas

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Hello, I understand that it's 3 years since release but i recently got back into MKX and can't figure out how to beat Summoner Quan.
I understand that he has bad defense and that I should abuse this weakness, but it's that silly vortex that I can't deal with. It's not just a 50/50, it's so much more than that its whether it will be overhead/low, low/overhead, then he can cancel that into MB rune, and can NJP into low bat. He has so many options that I'm convinced it's deeper than just a 50/50.
Not to mention that he can time the low/overhead or overhead/low to that they hit on almost the same frame...
I just don't know how to deal with this outside of just holding block and mashing down, praying that it works...

Any and all help is greatly appreciated :)


Your circumstances are dire!
In my opinion summoner is a lot more manageable than sorcerer (f**k that variation honestly).You just have to block his mix ups and he should not be much of the problem, they usually go for low->Overhead.Butt then again he can zone so yeah :DOGE. F**k Quan chi in his entirety :). Probably pick a heavy mix up character and mix him up on his wakeup.

KLK Lukas

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Summoner doesn't actually have a meterless vortex anymore. If he's doing non-mb trance into bat summon it's pure gimmicks that you can just poke out of
WOAH WOAH WOAH WHAT?! Since when? How? Whaaaaat?
When do you have to poke out?:eek::eek::eek::eek:

KLK Lukas

Boon's personal eyebrow groomer
If he summons a bat after trance he doesn't have time to continue the combo. So it'd be:

StarterxxTrance, BatSummon, (poke out here)
Bruuuuhhh I never knew that, do you have any idea how long the poke out window is? Can I just get a fast poke out or a full combo punish?


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Ahhh nice, well at least that's better than having to hold everything like I thought
I never labbed it too much personally cause I was just gutted he lost his vortex at the time lmao, if you can get a 6/7f poke out though you should be able to interrupt with a S1 too.

It's not actually a punish though as if he summons the bat and blocks he's safe, but he is definitely - IIRC so it is your turn