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How is NW bad in the current meta?

Groove Heaven

This character has the potential to go even with Kabal and beat the rest of the top 5. His tools are seemingly limitless:

-He has cool block stings where he spins his dope knife around and shit
-shoulder charge is the like Nomad Dash except with no cancel except it doesn't need a cancel it's 100% safe, some would say the overhead teleport of MK9
-A tracking, unblockable projectile that can only be avoided on veteran reads coupled with godlike reactions
-pretty good d3 and d4 if you just read the frame data
-he's basically Kenshi think about it he has charge and a reflect
-his grab animation is tight
-opponents hampered by white guilt
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Gunslinger since pre patch (sh/out to The Farmer)
Top 5, reflects all Kabals insta-air gas blasts into free 56% shoulder charge combo, has better arrows than Green Arrow and shit, fkn godlike zoning with thunder, swaggiest b4 in the game no question, axe of mega-death into free 845% combos, standing 1 juggles fo dayz and a better costume 2 than everyone else :DOGE