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How I Beat All 30 Gauntlet Towers

As someone who followed the advice here and is the proud new owner of a Fire God Liu Kang skin, thank you OP, you really delivered the goods. I actually created my account just to thank you personally. I will say though on 30 I opted for the special forces radio over the Reiko's shuriken, it worked better for me personally as once I created some distance between me and him he just wanted to keep trying to use his sand trap so he took the full carpet bombing every time. Just to clarify, I got rid of the totem.
Having trouble getting the consumables to forge into red bean laser and Reiko shurikens... Any advice? Stuck on level 14. :(
Do you have any koins? What I did was refill krypt chests I'd opened using Kronika's time vault, they generally have crafting components after that. Outworld steel, synthetic fiber, the works.