Question how does one go about labbing effectively?

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  1. in injustice 2, for instance, i've been practicing mostly BnBs and punishes on some characters attacks but what else should i be looking out and actively practicing for?
  2. Do not forget your anti-airs. Do not know what else to tell you, i have fighting games a bit abandoned.
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    If you find yourself constantly falling for something, or you notice something your opponent is doing constantly that you’re unsure of how to handle, recreate it. There’s an option to record the AI to do a sequence of buttons, a combo, or to move around. After the recording, the AI will loop the sequence you’ve inputted for them until you change it. By doing this, you can figure out all the escapes or counters for various situations that your opponent may be putting you into.
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    you need to know the strengths and weakness of the character you pick, so you will going to need to make a full acessment of things around the character can do to a certain extent like stats, the character needs to have an aceptance level of things you're looking for to be able to meet standards you can work with, example:

    a) Character walkspeed (is it fast enough?)
    b) Good Buttons (This implies good normals, good range on them, good punishment)
    c) Good tools (Great special moves, is it safe? unsafe? why?)
    d) Damage output (Dish out practical damage, no need to jump in as a combo starter)
    e) Execution (On contrary of what people believe, execution its usually attached to how hard is to put character stuff out there rathern having it attached to combos most of the time)

    And then you make a full balance from a) to e) and ask yourself if you can bring all that to fruition on a match, the dificult of the whole package on a match usually dictates how lab or not lab heavy its one character.

    If the meta rewards you with good options for labbing, characters like those usually take time to master but are usually good, but if its all potato mode, there might be some other character who does all the same things or even better with far easier brain power.

    I hope i didn't talked too much nonsense, i kinda got carried away.
  5. yeah, should the usual d2 uppercut suffice for most circumstances in nrs games? or should i try and learn other ways of anti-air? thanks for the reply in either case.

    yeah, thanks for letting me know about that. i was wondering if there were any common or popular drills people ran on the a.i. for quick practice routines but i guess even if that was a thing im probably better served just running online matches and noting down issues i have punishing/defending/whiffing against etc. and lab them accordingly. thanks for the response!

    no, you didn't talk too much, you actually gave me valuable advice on figuring out who to main, actually. how much of an importance should a tier-list fit into this decision, by the way? i want to try out captain cold (im not going to lie, his mr freeze costume is a big reason why lol) as he hits a lot of the marks of what i want but im daunted by most of the posts on here that ive lurked and the general internet that says he sucks. should i just learn someone else for now and maybe go back to him later? again, thanks for the help, though, i know what to do when learning a new character now.
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    Practice timings to blow up wakeups. In general timings of your Oki based on their wakeup.

    It helps you come up with good Oki setups.
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    I like to practice my BnB's mostly, but then I figure out what I need to lab when I play games.

    For example, a while back I was getting destroyed by this Harley cause I failed to anti-air her J2 100% of the time, literally destroyed every attempt I did. So after losing 3-0 I went into the lab and learnt it, came back and won.

    So yea most of my time spent in the lab is learning other characters, rather than my own. Higher execution and setup heavy characters will require more time in the lab
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    Well, luckily for you IJ2 tier list isn't too ridiculous when it comes to bad characters. Also Captain Cold got buffed recently so he's not as terrible as everyone makes him out to be imo, they're probably just old posts.

    But with playing low tier characters, you just kinda gotta understand that you'll probably lose a lot and get frustrated at not being able to do something. For example, Bane get zoned out pretty heavily, so I'll get frustrated at that sometimes since there just isn't really a solid answer for it - Bane just sucks against it.

    Just... Be aware that low tier characters lose a lot of matchups usually and as a result you might find yourself at a disadvantage a lot of the time. Of course, you can still win out of these, but it's just going to require more work and might not be very fun (Depending on how you deal with it)
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    And for one last post, it depends on your character and who you are trying to anti-air. If you pick Cold he has a really good D2 but if you pick someone like Deadshot he has a really average D2. Deadshot's best anti-air option is to do a J1 since it's a 5 frame jump with a ridiculous hitbox but it's probably not as good as having a D2 like Cold's. Some characters just don't have any really good anti-air options and are kinda stuck with being below average.

    It all depends on your character really, and what jump you're trying to anti-air. Like Cold might have trouble trying to anti-air a crossup but someone like Brainiac has a D2 that can hit behind him sometimes.
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    I think half of Injustice 2 is:
    Knowing what your opponent wants to do to you
    Knowing how to prevent that (outspace/jump it, interrupt it if there's a gap, block it if need be, preempt it with your own attack, etc)

    And then your side of:
    Knowing your best ways to start offense in a MU
    Knowing what/where your character's comfort zone is against every other character and how to abuse it

    Combos and frames are the basic building blocks, but actually learning the game is more about the meta: understanding what another character's best options are against you, in terms of strategy/approach, and how best for your to counteract that so you can play your game.

    This includes dealing with setups and frame traps, dealing with pressure, oki and knockdown situations, getting in through zoning, any character-specific quirks (teleports, divekicks, command grabs, invicibility and armor, gadgets and traits etc).

    You can spend hours going over all these possibilities in the lab.
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    If you play a crap tier character against a high tier character, your game will be constantly improving as the tier whore continues to stagnate.

    In SFV and MKX, you don't have to worry about tierlists. These are stupid lists created by a few "top 8" guys who think they are the elite (sometimes with ulterior motives). If i recall, all these guys used to laugh off Leatherface in MKX. Well, there's a guy now called VLJV14 who's buried them all with Leatherface, go figure.

    In MKX, you could be a character loyalist because of the three variations offered in a character. But, that's not possible in inj 2. since many scrubs can get a free ride with heavy "zoning" in inj2 and it could eventually annoy you, i would suggest you simultaneously study 1 anti-zoning character and a character you really like. You will pretty much be forced to learn a 2nd character who can address your main's weaknesses.

    Again, never hesitate to play a lower tier character against a higher tier character. Your game will improve, i promise. I have yet to see someone beat my shit tier (apparently) Raiden in inj 2. Don't worry too much about silly tier lists.
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    My advice is pick whoever its going to provide you fun, other than that i can't really say much.

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