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Question How do you feel about Hawkgirl's meter gain rate?


Guardian Cadet
To me, Hawkgirl is a character who is very passionate. I feel like passionate characters should gain meter slightly more quickly than level headed characters. Hawkgirl's meterburn moves also are not used so much for adding extra damage, but more-so for pummeling the opponent and getting up close. I feel like she could still be balanced if she had high meter gain to allow her to constantly be throwing out her meterburn charges. I think her character personality would flourish in this game because she would feel more like the fierce warrior constantly charging into battle.
She gains meter pretty quickly if you ask me... You know, Wing Evade, Flight Mace Toss/Mace Charge, Mace Charge being safe on block and doing decent chip meaning it can work well in block strings, Heavenward Stomp etc. All of that builds up plenty of meter.


Nurgle Chaos God of Death and Disease
I have seen Hawgirl as a very balanced character, she can zone if need be and she can even play a competant rushing game, as well poke well too. Her meter building is nothing bad at all, typically it builds quite fast and I normally find myself using more meter than ever needing to use the super move. I think she is fine personally.


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That's good to hear. I'm gonna play her tonight I think. I haven't played since the patch made her mb mace charge a + on block overhead now. I'm gonna try abusing the hell out of that and see how I manage her meter :p


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Her meter building is really good and I wouldn't mess with it in either direction.

In fact, meter building in this game is pretty quick anyway, but with the way they designed her hit and run style she builds meter really well off of her specials and they're all safe on block too so she can really take advantage of building meter well.

It's rare I don't have a single bar for something like MB mace charge, push block, back 3 or mace toss for example.