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How do I deal with Raiden?

Im not a pro player, but I have dipped into God rank in KL using Nitara and Motaro, so I am not clueless either. I always have issues dealing with Raiden, but the last fight I had made me feel Nitara is downright helpless against him. On top of him being super safe on almost everything, the matchup is super one sided. His low string starter goes under the armored wakeup for a full combo, or he has a fast overhead to mix up if i try to block low on wakeup. It does not seem react able. His electric fly trumps quick bite in my experience (I also notice sometimes a regular jump 4 has priority over my ex dive kick. Still havent figured out what determines priority). His storm shuts down all air dashing or jump ins, in a 180* hit box. His low pokes far outreach Nitara, is she the shortest reach in the game? Last Raiden I played would just hold Shocker as soon as I jump anywhere on screen and its hitbox would outlast a jump in and an air dash combined, you just land into it. Same with dive kick, and if he has Jax, full combo. He just shuts down pretty much every tool she has, so what can I do for a plan against him?