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HMK Evo Mortal Kombat X Top 8 Commentary Special


The anticipation is killing me
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Hey guys,

Another episode where the 4 of us do a commentary special on EVO Top8 for MKX in 2015. Afterwards we talk briefly about the recent Kombat Kast and final thoughts before MK11's release.

Hope you enjoy it.

Note: We had some sync issues at the 45:30 mark, in order to keep it easier to maintain the timeline we did not edit out the section and for some reason the guys heard my second countdown but it wasn't picked up on the recording.

The resume time on the top8 video is 42:20 (55:55 on the podcast) so if you come back in that point you'll be more or less in sync with us for the rest of top 8.

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Great episode! That game looks so fast now that I've been playing Inj2 for 2 years and the mk11 stress test/beta. I would love to hear more of these in the future. IGAU 2014 (the 2nd year) would be a lot of fun.

I lost the last thread in the tym shakeup but thanks for answering my question last time guys!