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Video/Tutorial High-Damage Combo/Reset Compilation with Green Arrow by Ando1184


@PunkMafia83 and @Braindead , try watching it now because demon edited it again, so hopefully you can view it now. Apparently there was some copyright ordeal with the BG music and that prevented certain countries from viewing the vid.


PSN: playakid700. Local name: BFGC MonkeyBizness
Let's give a shoutout to NRS for not removing Green Arrow's super resets.
A lot of people were calling for their removal, way back when, nut, even NRS realized, he actually needs it, and, they're still awesome.
Even after MK9 when we conluded resets need to go, NRS still knew that a super reset that looks broke is still fair and fun.


hey @ando1184 do you have x box ? id love to hit up that arrow !
Unfortunately no, I only have a PS3 but I will be on PS4 by the end of the year.

@PunkMafia83; I'll say this about him, against mid and low tier characters he mostly goes toe to toe, but against top tier you really have to work hard and strategize what to do. PM me if you want specifics. about my response.
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