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Hi everyone! + Question about button mapping

Hi everyone, I'm new to the MK fandom. Never got into MK games before mainly because of how stiff the characters looked. Then the reveal event happened, everything was looking so smoothed and I was mesmerized by Skarlet ! So I watched every Kombat Kast and trailers until now and my hype for the game never went down.

Now that I have the game, I'm having some issues finding the perfect button mapping on my controller. I'm playing with the standard PS4 pad in a grip where I only use my index and middle finger on the face buttons (I can also use my middle finger to press R1 but not R2). With that knowledge, where do you think I should map the Block Button ? I'm having it right now mapped on L2 but I'm not convince :/

PS: English is not my first language, so sorry for any mistakes you could read !