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help with kabals jk fb jk fb


i was doing this in rank one night and it would seem everytiime i got them where i needed them in the corner i would atomaticaly high punch instead of hooking him up if you could give me and invite or do you best to describe it here.

plz do not post links to help fourms because thats jive to me i have no clue what it means i would rather meet someone on xbla if they have a minute to spare



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just make the jk hit as high as u can (jump quickly) and do the fireball with a brief pause. perhaps you're making the pause too long, and that's why u land and connect a hp. I tap b 3 times instead of 2 for the fireball and that gives the time I need to get the late fireball, allowing me to jump again. hopes that help ;)


Do you mean he pauses so you cant jump up again. That means your too far into the corner to do the juggle.
jdub03 said:
Do you mean he pauses so you cant jump up again. That means your too far into the corner to do the juggle.
Yea that happens, after a pop up in a corner, you can't juggle, it pushes you back. Its to prevent too much corner juggleing. Of course you can still juggle in a corner(Ermacs 100%) But its much harder.


Kital... Kabana... whatever, same thing.
Start the popup further away from the corner so you don't do that "iceskate"


thank you i was wondering wtf its just the problem on live is getting them in the magic spot becuase on vids notice they never use the block button and the block button doesnt help me possition any


Yeah, getting them into the right spot can be difficult. You don't see that part in the combo vids because the combo vids are exhibitions to show off the biggest deadliest combos possible, not necessarily the best ones to use in gameplay. When I've seen the jk, fb, repeat combo done in real gameplay its often been after a person was spun in air near the corner, and kabal runs in and pushes them to the right spot as they spin and then does aaHP, HP, jk, fb, jk, fb, jk, fb.


omg thank you that would help alot ifffff...

i didnt get stuck at my gay ass grandmas house for half the night to night but thinks have to try when we get home

where exactualy should i be