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Question Help with high damaging combos For Green Arrow

Hello, Green Arrow is my main and im having a hard time getting decently high damage combos out of him. The highest combo ive gotten (with his special reset of course) Is 87%. (link will be included at the end and i apologize for the cellphone quality but everything is see able) Now for this Combo it requires a stage transaction (the Atlantis throne bounce or anything similar) I was wondering if anyone else has anything that is Guarenteed like this is or a way to add on to make it do more damage.

Link to 87% vid:

Notes: Im aware getting the b3 will be difficult but i generally try to go for flashy, i would say im sub par at best. Im trying to get better but i try to work on awesome combos and so far Green arrow has the potential i like. I am trying to get this combo to 90% but a months worth of work seems to show i cant lol
On a side note I was actually able to raise this combo to 100% with a stage interaction on a different stage. Very useless due to its "requiring" spot and what not but its nice to know Green arrow can hit 100% (103% if i do something different, i will post the video later. It will be cellphone quality so i do apologize ahead of time)