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Question - Pumped Up help tremor matchup


hey guys I main jax in all three of his variations, am a character loyalist.
hv been having trouble with tremor(crystalline and aftershock) recently, I really need help with this matchup his zoning is too much for me to counter zone and the other thing is in crystalline when he does that move were he covers him self with crystals that grants him the ability to absorb the hit fromthe opponent, when he does an ex is it supposed to hv the armor properties when u hit him or not coz I wonder sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't am curious can it b a glitch pls help me to approach this one. aftershock those IA quecks god they r so annoying please help.


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Use 12 to chew up his flex, I'm 99.9% sure the startup on that beats his recovery by a long shot. For his pressure just mash d1, p simple.
Jax 12 string breaks all of Tremor's armored reversals. He also out pokes Tremor fairly well. The match up is skewed in Jax's favor hence why I never use Tremor in that MU


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I'd never really use tremor in the MU just because on paper his ability to break his armor very easily and his pokes along with moves that leave him slightly negative like the ex grab really screw him over. But yeah he does get zoned out by tremor which is one of the few good things about the MU. When it comes to his pressure u just gotta make the right read on when to poke. Same thing goes for crystalline when his armor is up. You have some of the best buttons in the game.