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Help On Kung Lao's Spin

I need help on doing this move i practiced all day and only pulled it off about 7 times i know its f,d,f,run but it seems i just keep crouching and running and at this point it seems impossible.!!!!
It was hard for me to get it on a controller for a while, especially the left triggers. It just takes practice.


MK11 Kabal = MK9 Kitana
**More info than you ever needed or wanted to know.

The common misconception with doing this move (and any bdb or fdf move in mk) with any controller, especially an xbox or sega pad...is that you have to make a conscious effort to only press the directions on the d-pad that you need to. You may think that you are doing just that, but when the move doesn't come out, you are not pressing the d-pad right. On an xbox/sega d-pad, you have to be very precise in pressing the "down" portion of the move because if you are not careful, you will inadvertently press an additional direction.

The move will not come out if you do not press exactly fdf before you press run...you can press bfdufdubdubfudubdfububfubfdf then run and it will still work (if you are on the ground of course ^_^) as long as the last four inputs are fdf run, in that order. Not fdbdf, which is quite often what is registered by using the xbox/sega pad.
Is there any reason that i have been able to do this move for the first time, recently, only by button mashing the diagonal forward down buttons + run all at the same time repeatedly>?

I can't seem to pull the spin WHENEVER i want to , but i can if only i just press them all together fast. Is this what everyone else does?
I use the analog sticks(I'm sure you have a good idea why) I find that if when doing this move and others like it(kano's vert roll, ermac's tks etc) that when you hit the down part of the command always try to hit just to the side of down, not diagonal though. It's hard to explain, I guess. Like for his spin, f,d,f,r Well on the down part hit it with just a little forward also. I guess you could call this "english" like when shooting pool. With the method, I can hit his spin 100% of the time. Just remember its 4 different button mashes, and do not hold forward when you hit run. You should be spinnin to your heart's content and others' demise then. 8)
Once you get it working, try my method of using it. I stand on the far side of the screen and do the spin. Then I just keep pounding the Run button, spinning forever and ever, until someone shoots me. It works every time. ("works" = "getting shot with a projectile")
What's the best thing to do against a blocked robot teleport uppercut? How about an aaHP?

I've just been doing aaHP, JK, whiff kick.
Dark I don't like you but the answer is aaLP, jp whiff to inf, I believe. I'm assuming you can do a JK but I like the JP better.
Well you used to always boot me out your party cause I was better than you, now it looks like you improved a bit so LETS PLAY SOME FUCKIN KOMBAT! 8)
I'm gonna need some more help on this. I still can't get it down. I can do it randomly whenever i just button mash d,f,&run but i cant get the exact timing of the combo right. I've found that i can do it more often when starting on the "d" instead of f. So like d,f,d,f,run.

Still. if anyone has any tips on how to master this move i would really appreciate it :)
Well fire there's nothing else anyone can really tell you if its just the spin that you can't get off, but if it's the second spin that you're having trouble with try making the fdf motion as TIGHT and quick as possible. Once you get a feel for the move you'll feel like an idiot for trying so hard for so long. I reccomend trying to beat the game on master 2 with nothing but the spin. Then there's no lag and all the moves, especially kung's inf come out much cleaner. That's how I got good at it.
I'm using the xbox360 controller D-pad btw....should i try using something else?

Thanks mista i'll try out the single player to practice.
I dont use lao's spin really at all online due to lag/delay, its hard to get it to come out in time alot. Hell, I cant freakin pull off aaRH's and aaHK's most the time.

BUT, I do the spin by moving up to the analog, hitting the spin off, and switching back to the d-pad. I cant doit any other way. I tried forever to pull it off with the d-pad and just gave up. It was easier to train myself to switch to the analog and do the spin there.
Thanks man, i'll give that a try later on too.

Its really frustrating me because i have seen players that can pull it off at any time, and the spin is really the last thing i need to get down on Kung Lao.

It seems like its almost random when i can and can't do the spin. I know i've just gotta hit the sweet spot of the controls. Just like ermac's TKS, you gotta hit it JUST right otherwise it wont work, but the spin seems ten times harder to pull off.
if you ever want to do the cross screen infinite use the analog. I don't know anyone who can do it with the dpad. not sure about eyekramer but everyone else I know that can do it uses the stick, that seems to the the big difference in most cases.
I can only do it on the d-pad actually. The dpad sucks but I've grown used to it. The analog stick just doesn't feel right.
I can do the infinite pretty well on analog. Unless I'm having a bad day, I can do the spin at will. The only tip I can give you for mastering it is practice on and offline, because at some point you will have to get used to the delay. There are some match vids of me on youtube that prove my former ineptitude for the spin. Just use Lao a lot and try it in unranked, and you'll get it down in no time.