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Help, mk11 is bugging.

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I uninstalled mk11 from my PS4 some time ago. Now I am trying to put it back on, but I am having some troubles. The krypt voice in the menu is red and I can't enter it, and the game crashes spitting the game out of my console. Can anyone help me or at least point me in some useful direction? Thanks!
I know this is obvious but sometimes I overlook it when installing a game but If you are doing it off the disc, make sure you wait until it's FULLY installed. You will know because you will hear the disc stop spinning. If you are downloading the game you can click options, information and see how much of it is installed. Just make sure it's fully installed with the latest patch fully installed and you should be good.


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Yeah sucks that this game is buggy at times, I had to do something similar months ago and when I did it didn't save some of my unlocks from some backgrounds, icons said I didn't complete story(even though my Kombat Card and achievement confirm such) it's lame but what are you going to do?
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