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Question Hawkgirl combo bug or stage bug?

Riddle me this Batman:

I think I found a bug with a Hawkgirl combo OR its a bug with the corner of the stage? I tried searching the forums and couldn't find anything like I was talking about. The combo works super smooth on a few stages I tested. I tried it out on both corners and the combo acted the same. However on the Atlantis stage the far right corner causes a crossup over and over for some reason. I was able to make it hit but had to delay the living shit out of it to make it happen. Anyone else heard of the corners maybe being a little different? (I only tested on: Fortress of Sol. Arhkam, Gotham Alley and Atlantis.

If you want to try it out yourself the combo is:

Sorry the video is drug out, quality and editing shit. I just wanted to show its not me with input problems, its something to do with that Atlantis corner I guess??



Bird woman!
I tested every stage and unless I missed something, here's the list of bugged corners:

Batcave - Crime Lab: Right
Ferris Aircraft: Right
Watchtower - Bridge: Both
Themyscira - Temple: Right
Themyscira - Port: Right
Atlantis: Right