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Having difficulties with the Jk to Teleport

Alright, I haven't been playing UMK3 for very long in a semi-serious mindset.. A few weeks maybe? But I've played a few kharacters to see what they offer, as well as took a look at some tier lists.

I started with Robo-Smoke and Scorpion being my childhood favorites... And I just realized I'm rambling. On to the issue!

I've been giving Human Smoke a try everything I have seen points to him being a more complete version of Scorpion. So, I did some research and found a combo that looked easy enough on paper to pull out whenever possible.

It is as follows: HK, LP, JK, teleport, spear, HK, D+LP, D+HP, JK, Air Throw. I'm gonna break it into two parts for my sanity's sake.

Part one: HK, LP, JK, Teleport.. no matter how many times I try, I cant seem to link the JK and the Teleport. I've tried a good 80 times.. Got the link maybe 5 and got the teleport to come out late an additional 10 at best. Should I buffer the QCB? Wait for the JK to connect and delay for a split second? It has been driving me nuts. I can get an aaHP into JK Tele with Robo-Smoke and Scorpion both.. But for some reason it's giving me issues with H.Smoke. any tips?

Part two: Spear, HK, D+LP, D+HP, JK, Air Throw. No problems here. The only thing I noticed is on the few times I got the JK, tele into spear, I had a 50/50 chance of timing it right. Which is considerably better than the first half.
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