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Match-up Discussion Harley Quinn vs. The Dirty 30


Ready to lose your head?
Harley Quinn vs. The Dirty 30

***Also in progress....

So I apologize to my fellow Harley brothers and sisters for delaying this project. Been busy af, still am, but I'll try to finish up these up(talking to my fellow Amazons as well), but I will need your help too. So the way these MU guides and shits work is very disorganized imo and it isn't hard nor should it be, to navigate through them. So for this one, I'm going to make 1 post per character. That way the entire first 2 pages SHOULD strictly be every MU discussion since its like 20-30 posts per page depending on the content. This way, you can easily just jump to pages 1 and 2, and leave feedback, questions and additional info on the MU in the following pages and they will then be added to the originals. I would strongly recommend tagging my name when you do post some kind of new tech, or any questions, that way it'll be quick and easy to find what is it you wrote and not have to go scouring for new stuff. This first post will cover her general gameplan, oki setups, zoning, pressure, and shit like that. Every one below the first post will strictly be limited to the character specific MU's ONLY, and in alphabetical order. It will be pretty as fuck with images and whatnot like the Dirty Diana Character Breakdown, and I will put links to other threads that cover very crucial tech to her play, as well as to her Frame Data, which I will be revamping to look presentable like I did with WW. SO yeah, that's that....

@AK SaltFace

General Gameplan

Zoning/Meter building/chip

Pressure, Block Strings, MIx-ups

Oki Game

Tantrum Stance stuff
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