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Guide to whiff Punishing b3


Meow Hoes

the 2 most complained about things about her b3 are the low profiling start up and that you cant whiff punish it.
I cant do anything about the 1st one yall need to hold that.
But you can whiff punish b3.

Not all characters are shown in the video because that would've taken too long so just use your imagination.

Kooron Nation

More Ass and Tits for MK11
It's mainly Adam and Superman players complaint still.
But people still claim she's gets away for free.
But yeah it's easier now. I wish I made this video back when it was more broken.
To be fair, with Adam's abundance of highs and janky fake mids that whiff on most females I could see it only being a problem for him, her b3 start up literally goes under ALL of his moves.
Still, good shit
Boo hoo!... poor E-leage champion character has a problem with one MU:confused:.... Please nerf more:rolleyes:... OMG... This game balance is ridiculously good in my opinion.:coffee:


Yeah I only complained about whiff punishing it pre patch when Superman could only b1 or sweep it.

Catwoman still wins 7-3 imo because her neutral just shits all over Superman's. Low profiles his main(pretty much only) footsie tool, can jump on him for almost free, he can't jump on her, zoning is irrelevant. It's not like there are any Catwoman really tho besides Semiiij and Rewind so I digress.