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Grodd vs. Catwoman MU discussion

I have really struggled to figure out how to beat Catwoman with grodd. So I thought I would reach out to the grodd community and create this thread to help me counter this glorified cat lady. Does anyone have any tips to help grodd against Catwoman?
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No, but I found out that she can b3 through the 22 gap by low profiling. And she seems to shut down his advancement with j2 and db2
My best advice is d2 her don't let them jump like retards the whole game and i d1 check after her staggers but the character herself is retarded so there's not much we can do about that unfortunately


That backdash is annoying so they usually j2 into a barely negative stagger and backdash into a range that Grodd can't reach. I know this isn't related but I've been trying swamp thing on the catwoman MU because his f2 reaches catwoman after that annoying backdash and his air vine grab catches her from that annoying j2 plus you also have some projectiles to use in the neutral.