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Grinnin' Barrett Version 1.0 BnB Kombos

Took this variation for a spin. He seems fun! A credible H/L game with lots of safe options, tons of corner carry, decent damage, fun juggles. I dunno how managing heat works in an actual game but those missiles are pretty sweet.


John Grizzly

The axe that clears the forest
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This is the variation I play when I dabble with Jax. I find Hunker Down to be incredibly boring. These virtually combo-less variations (like Kotal's Totemic) as so lame to me. Grinnin' Barret feels like a mix of two of my all-time favorite characters - Dudley and TJ Combo. I'm not sure why it doesn't get more attention.


BF2 Launch

F33XXBF2MB (dash) F2 (dash) D12 D12XXDB1

F33XXBF2MB (dash) 1 (dash) D12XXBF3-4(KB)

DB4 Launch

F33XXDB4 (dash) D12 (dash) D12XXDB1

F33XXDB4 (dash) D12XXBF3-4(KB)