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Tech Green Lantern Super Ghetto Vortex (off OTG)

So I made this a while ago but never got to posting it. It's a ghetto vortex with GL in which you end a combo with mbLift, and just as the opponent is about to hit the ground, do a d1 which will leave them standing. If they're not blocking, it'll count as a hit and should give you plenty of advantage. If they are blocking, it'll count as a block, but if I remember, GL's d1 is a little plus on block.

I don't want to talk about the practicality of it, I'll let you guys decide that.

Also the "character" I play in the video is based off of the willfully ignorant character I made for my MK9 Smoke & Sonya infinite combo videos which you can check out here.

I apologize in advance for my stupid sense of humor.


When's Syzoth?
This can be done with b3 also, so you OTG for +7 on block or they don't block and GET REKT!