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Green Arrow Buffs That'll Never Happen


Scrub God Lord
I know I'm late but As a long time player of GA and having not notice this site till few months back. I feel that the following buffs should be given to him to make him more balanced as a character, followed by a reason why.

-Some of his better strings should be made a little faster,preferably f2d13, and b13 (more on that later). his normals have noticeably slow start up and I can't even recall on how many times I've been bodied because of them.
- his b1 should be made a low because, let's be serious it looks like a low and it hits low ergo it should be a low plus he has no low. Did I mention low :3
- his arrows should be balanced I would go with two of each arrow with the ice arrow do little-to-no scaling.
- f2d13 and b13 should be plus 3 or 4(in exchange for the low). Because I want some of his frame traps to stay. But some of his block advantage back
-df2 (fireworks) should be a faster anti-air, like 5 frames. Let's be real it is shit outside combos.
-better air normals, I want batman esque cross ups for pressure dammit cause his air normals have shitty range but only situationally good.j3 stays
-better back dash because his footsie game is decent but a better backdash would help. Yes injustice has footsies, stop judging me :(. My only problem is that if they would patch that our precious savage blast would be changed.

All I can say is NRS absolutely disappoints me and pardon my French but shits on GA players and fans and Chris G. Granted he abused the shit out of everything in GA but that's part of what makes him a good player and they just unnecessarily nerfed him because of the player using him. Granted some of the nerfs were fair, I don't care if people say GA is balanced because he's honestly not. That being said since not a lot of GA players appear in tourney I've been to (as of yet) people don't know what to expect because he's low tier. Some people can still get hit by his mix ups.
wut mate
blame chrisg for being a god


Still Glad You Were Born?!
Hey I'm bored! Pick one:

- GA has unlimited arrows now. You just switch the arrow type, but you no longer have that 1x, 2x or 3x arrows bs. (No more less damage in combos or getting punished by half the cast!)
- Load arrow is now as fast as Batman trait bats. (Same as above!)
- Frozen Arrow no longer scales. (Yay now we have decent damage! Just like the rest of the cast!)
- Stinger works like KF's slide now. Safe on block too! (because fuck yeah!)
- We get the b23 frame trap back, we get f2d13 xx super on block back as well. (Sure why not!)
- Up Haven Blast has a 5 frame start up now. (finally, decent anti air!)
- Savage Blast as a wake up has invincibility frames during it's entire duration. (no more tears in the shower!)
- His backdash is now has good as Bladams. (seriously GA, a flip? A fucking flip?)
- F2d13 -> dash -> 223 is actually landable now. (NRS Offices: "how about we make him have poop damage and almost impossible to land bnbs?")
- Arrows now do 1% chip, fire arrows 3%.

Because these are the buffs Green Arrow deserves, but not the ones he needs.

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