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Good IGAU character for MK players


Hello all, I was wondering who to start learning from IGAU, im having trouble wrapping my head around some of the combos in this game. My background has only really been MK9.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be wonderful !


Beaten, by this mere man
It'd be helpful to known who you mained in mk9 @Bilbo11

Doomsday and bane are the easiest
Mmh and batgirl are the best
Joker and cyborg are the hardest
Flash and WW are up close monsters
Lex,grundy,GA and cw are a challenge
Raven and sinestro are heavy zoners
Superman and batman are well rounded
Zod is hard to play
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I mained Cage, Raiden, Sub-Zero and Kenshi

Ive tried Batman but I cant land the timing on the B3, most of the success come from spamming it and hoping it lands lol


Im a massive fan of the way Cage plays, rush in and eat face with frame traps and meter burn, but there's a tournament coming up here in Aus and im thinking of playing safe like a decent Sub Zero.
Ive only got a week to practice :p
You pretty much described Doomsday. He's a TON of fun and really easy to pick up, so you should be good to go with a week of grinding with him for your tournament.


alrighty! ill give it a crack, thanks guys would have taken me all week to figure out a decent character. Appreciate it :)