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Glitch or possible anti-wakeup tech ?


Skarlet who ?
** Op updated, added videos showcasing this**

So I've been messing around with Jax in training mode and I noticed some weird things in the right side of the corner. I turned on wake up mode and did the following:
-Your opponent is in the right side of the corner
- End your string with regular overhead smash
-Then immediately do a dash punch and don't move (can block and crouch block though)
If done correctly when dummy does the wakeup, it will do it turned to the corner ! You will be able to whiff punish it. I tested on Kitana and you can beat all her wakeups in the corner like that, even the ass, because ass autocorrects back into the corner. This doesn't work on all wakeups though, stuff like Lao spin cause it's like a 360 move, and teleport punches like Smoke or Ermac's. Sometimes you need to hold block against wakeups like Kabal's buzzsaw because even though he is turned his saws come from behind so you still need to crouch block them, but you'll be close enough to still punish him.
In they are on left side of the corner they usually just go outside of the corner instead of staying there, still can punish with dash punch.
This does work also for f4,1,3 string. I found that similar shit could be done with Reptile (elbow dash) and Kano (upball), but their setups are a bit harder. Tried with Nightwolf and his shoulder, but didn't work.
Thoughts ? I'll upload the video if you want.


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This makes sense considering it works in injustice. I don't remember seeing anyone ever doing this to me, so no idea if it's widely known but good post regardless


Skarlet who ?
So I've been testing it against whole cast wakeup attacks and generally right side is the best for this. On the left most wakeups under this setup put you in the corner but are performed to the opposite side, so you can still punish them aside from full screen ones like Liu flying kick.
Some wakeups though don't give a shit about this glitch though. These are:
- Scorpion's teleport
-Kung Lao spin ( although on the left side EX spin gets Lao out of corner so punishable by dash punch)
Another thing I noticed that on the right side his regular tele would put him back in the corner while EX woul get him out, on the left side it is the opposite - regular gets him out but EX puts him back in the corner.
-Nightwolf's EX hatchet on the right side magically gets him out of the corner and puts you there instead
- Stryker's ex baton sweep (same as Nightwolf's EX hatchet)
- Teleports like Ermac, Smoke, Quan Chi, Sheeva, etc...
- Ground pound moves like Sheeva's
- Reptile's elbow dash
- Kano's balls
- Rain's EX teleport
- Maybe some other but I don't remember

Interesting notes:
On Johnny Cage you can perform setup like any string ending in dash punch then another dash punch. Works only on Johnny's wakeups, I believe.
Some moves need to be blocked/crouch blocked like Kabal's buzzsaws and Nomad Dash, Jade shadow kick, Kenshi's shoulder ( though you can just jump after the dash punch and fuck him up with JIP combo), Noob's Knee, Reptile Elbow Dash.
Funny thing about Smoke's and Freddy shifts/smokes away, even if the use EN you can still punish them, and sometimes those moves will put you both out of the corner so don't be confused, LOL ( kinda like Ermac's EX lift pushes him out of the corner).

Can anyone confirm this or is it just a training mode glitch ?