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Gauging interest for Injustice 2

The high voltage port is such garbage imo so I get why no one plays it anymore. :(
High Voltage Studios is an awful developer. They not only goofed the PC ports of MK (2011), IGAU, and MKX, but they also shat the bed with the Zone of the Enders Collection. PS3/360 consumers dodged a bullet when those ports of MKX were cancelled.

Fun Fact: NRS had to contract Q-Loc to clean up after HVS’ inept bungling of the PC port of MKX.


What fighting game isn't, in some way?

At this point though we don't really need to re-litigate the merits of Injustice 2, that's been done to death by now. The OP clearly still loves the game, and it sounds like there's a discord for other people that also like the game, so that's really all that matters. I don't think this thread was meant to try and convince people who don't like the game to like the game.
#Yup! There are plenty who love and still play Injustice 2. I recently returned to it myself as there are no good DC movies out and I wanted to visit the world. Akromaniac still makes Injustice 2 content from time to time as do a number of others.

"Spam" is in every game there is because players have choice and some choose to do it. It has more to do with people not the game itself IMO