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Game Informer Interview with Ed Boon

Doesn't take away from them putting a great effort into making the best MK to date, which to me it already was and now has solidified that for sure. Look I see posts like MK2 was the best ever, period! I grew up with it, played it on console and on an arcade. Nothing can beat that experience, but as far as the game itself, no. MK11 will age really well, considering the current graphics, ability to play on next gen consoles, not going to get MK12 maybe ever. MKX was fun sure, but MK11 is more of a traditional fighter so to me it is like they took what worked for the Trilogy era and perfected it. With RetroCade and Fujin in, I don't think I'll ever need another MK.
My thoughts exactly. Except that I also want Havik and a cyborg.

And maybe Hotaru.
If we just did Mileena, Kitana, Jade, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Rain, you know, all these characters, I think it would get stale after a while. We do need to give characters a rest every once in a while.

So is Scorpion and SZ are getting a rest in MK12?
I think NOT! :)

Having 5 SF characters second game in a row (they were 7 in MKX) isn't stale at all...

But having: Tanya, Jade, Kitana, Mileena, Skarlet, Rain - All in one game is? (sounds like a dream to me!)

Sonya, Jax, Johnny, Cassie, Jacqui...??

I love daddy Ed SO MUCH, but sometimes... he needs a hug!

Overall the interview is great,
I believe from reading between the lines, Ed's answers are "pretending" as if it's the end of MK11 by comparing it to MKXL
but only so people won't skip this expansion and wait for the next one.
Ed knows his marketing...

But def more content is coming for MK11...
Exactly, I don't expect them to bench Scorpion or Sub-Zero of course because it's a matter of branding and also highly iconic characters, but you can't deny that aside from them, a lot of other characters aren't rotating at all, and it's creating a MKT situation over and over. Ed is cool but he definitely can't see the reality of MK11 just having 3 new characters + Frost.

Well, I love this game anyway, and we're getting Fujin and very possibly more characters, there's a lot of good in it to outweigh the stale MK9-like roster.