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Game Informer - How NetherRealm Creates Mortal Kombat Story Modes That Matter


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I really recommend giving this interview a listen. It's 10 minutes long but it has Dominic Cianciolo (Story Director) and they hearken to the fact that they're essentially making an animated feature for story mode ala Dreamworks or Pixar but instead of having a 5 year time-frame to work with it, they essentially do it all start to finish in 2 years.


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Sweet! I really can't wait for the game's release. You can already tell they have take the story to the next level, and I too really loved the quieter moments in MKX's story. I know they are going to do more of that in MK11.
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Sounds great, this is why NRS is top notch with story telling modes in FG and even in general. So torn between practicing and Story think I'll have to rotate lol