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General/Other - Mileena Fun with Mileena and X-Rays.


>>R2 - BF4 = Unblockable.
Decided to fire up MKX after a couple of months off and play some casuals with @TheGabStandard and run the good old Scorp and Jacqui vs Mileena match up when something very interesting happened.

Now what we can clearly take away from this is that Mileena's and Jacqui's clearly need buffs :DOGE
In the Scorpion case: Scorpion has the lowest crouching hurt-box in the game, so, he low profiled the full connecting hit of her Xray causing the miss.
Jacqui's X-Ray whiffs on any crouch move... even though it's technically a mid. It's actually unsafe if you, (being mindful of her meter and the distance she can travel), mash a low poke to trigger armor and then full combo punish after recovery, lol.

The Mileena one is actually explainable by looking technically at the.... .......