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FT10 Between HZRDS Forever King and CLN Best MK Raiden Tonight


Confused Thanagarian
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Some beef that got started during the IPS Online East Qualifier between CLN Best MK Raiden and HZRDS Forever King has led to a FT10 being hosted on Forever King's Twitch at 9PM EST tonight. On top of that, there's some source crystal giveaways planned alongside some other potential matches, so we should be in for a good time.

*UPDATE WITH SCORE: Thanks to Darkmoon Rainbow Pride for the score. For you guys who missed it, the set finished up 10-2 in King's favor. I'll post the video if/when it becomes available.

If you want the details of how things went down, you can follow the chain over here. Cliffnotes version, Forever King got a perfect on Best MK Raiden during their set in the IPS Online Qualifier. King, of course, shared that on the interwebz and Raiden felt it was a bad representation of how that full set went. So the two agreed to run a FT10 to settle the score. Not sure who the two will be playing, I'm guessing we'll get Batman vs. Black Adam based on who the two played during the original set.

Not really sure what else to add beyond "go watch it, it's in a few hours". If you are wondering why I threw up that image from Mortal Kombat vs. the DC Universe, it was the first thing that Google led me to that wasn't Metal Gear Solid themed. See you guys then, and keep an eye on TYM the weekend for SCR updates (happening this weekend).
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