Final War of the Gods Season 3 Top 8 Tonight at 8PM

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By HellblazerHawkman on Aug 29, 2018 at 4:54 PM
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    After 9 weeks, War of the Gods Season 3 is coming to a close. But not before we have one last Top 8 to finalize the entrants for the finale next week. CLN Nubcakes and TSS Deoxys are in the hunt, and has the potential to knockout any of the bottom 5 should he do well enough tonight.

    If you missed it from Sunday, here are the current point leaders:

    1. Method SylverRye (715)
    2. Noble Semiij (675)
    3. Noble Rewind (580)
    4. CLN TitaniumTigerzz (465)
    5. DF Grr (465)
    6. Noble Tweedy (460)
    7. HZRDS Knicks (415)
    8. EMPR Kombat (405)

    with Nubcakes at 9th (355) and Deoxys at 10 (330). There's some changes already, with Semiij being guaranteed the number 1 slot again, making it the 3rd season in a row. Regardless, those two and Sylverrye are guaranteed a slot. Everyone else is in danger, most notably TitaniumTigerzz and Tweedy. A lot is going to happen and 2 of these people are going to be sent home (mostly) empty handed. If you want to support your favorite player from this bunch, you can catch all of this live in a few hours on
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    1. Saboteur-6
      I really wish had a Roku app so I could watch from the TV. Anyway I'm tuning in for sure.
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    2. Marinjuana
      It's on right now
    3. Lex Luthor II
      Lex Luthor II
      That nubcakes Batman comback against Semji's catwoman though....
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    4. Marinjuana
      Emperor Kombat blatantly threw the game against Deoxys and got DQ'd for it.

      Feeling that it was unfair for himself to advance, Deoxys then DQ'd himself.

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    5. Espio
      I wasn't expecting the "collusion" episode, the set between Deoxy and Kombat was so live at the start too.

      Also, Atom's utility is insane, his tools seem so maliable to zoners and pressure oriented characters.
    6. Marinjuana
      He's one of my favorite characters to watch, so versatile, but not in a standard way
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    7. Espionage
      Very good tournament with Top 3 being character specialists.

      Very fun to watch!
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    8. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Huge kudos to Nubcakes for the win, he was the hype monster of the night for sure! All of his insane comebacks he had with Batman in this Top 8 where out of this world! That is a character specialist right here!

      Can't wait for the season finale, it's gonna be awesome!
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    9. HellblazerHawkman
      First we had Smash at EVO, now Injustice 2 War of the Gods? When does the FGC corruption end?
    10. JBeezYBabY
      PAUSE....WTF happened ?Question mark?
    11. HellblazerHawkman
      Kombat threw his match with Deoxys (when it came up in the bracket). Kombat was safe on points and he didn't want to keep Deoxys out. Deoxys DQ'd himself after that because he didn't feel right taking the win. Don't blame Kombat though, I probably would have done the same.

      Anywhos, the final tally should be (in no order):

      1. Method SylverRye
      2. Noble Semiij
      3. Noble Rewind
      4. CLN TitaniumTigerzz
      5. DF Grr
      6. Nubcakes
      7. Noble Tweedy
      8. HZRDS Knicks.
    12. JBeezYBabY
      That really sounds.....soft as fuck.....And now ppl are calling it collusion? LOL oh the FGC is a funny place...Ya damned if ya do and damned if ya dont.
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    13. JBeezYBabY
      So since this is being portrayed as possible collusion (Still like WTF) do you think this will hurt viewership of the finale?
    14. HellblazerHawkman
      Nah, I think people are just talking about it because it was something that wasn't just "injustice 2 gameplay". Some people think they were a bit harsh in DQ'ing Kombat entirely, but nobody seems that upset beyond that
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    15. Lex Luthor II
      Lex Luthor II
      Why could you get in trouble for being so good that you have the points and don't need to win the match so you don't win it, regardless of how you do it?

      That's the structure of the competition's fault; real professional sports this happens all the time. San Antonio Spurs sit their stars, NFL teams rest their starters when they've clinched, and on the flip side teams throw matches to get better draft prospects.
    16. Skedar70
      I think Kombat got what he deserved. He shouldn't have participated if he didn't have any intentions on winning or at least actually trying to win. Other participants opportunity to get to the finals was dependent on how his match went. Competition should stay clean.
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    17. Marinjuana
      They don't do it blatantly and it's frowned upon to purposely tank. Sitting starters isn't exactly the same thing. I guess the better example would be that a team that has clinched the playoffs blatantly throws a game against a team fighting for a playoff spot, because the head coach likes the other head coach, and other teams get knocked out because of it.

      It sort of happens but it's kind of unheard of for teams to blatantly throw important games.

      At any rate, the structure of the competition in War of the Gods clearly does not allow for this sort of thing. Kombat probably would have been fine if he wasn't so blatant about it and then go into the chat and say that he threw the match. He basically admitted to breaking the rules. I don't wanna shit on the guy, but he should know he can't do that shit on top of being so obvious about it.
    18. HellblazerHawkman
      It's also against the WOTG rules. Consider it from the over angle, he didn't need the points, but by throwing the match, he guarantees that either Tweedy or Knicks would have lost their spot. It's not fair to them
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    19. Dogeofthesea
      Do you think Deoxys' performance with his Blue Beettle has been getting worse lately? Or is everyone figuring out how to deal with Blue Beetle better?
    20. HellblazerHawkman
      The thing with Blue Beetle is that he's got a million 5-5's, right? So with Deoxys, theoretically, you shouldn't see him dominating people too often, like this set with Kombat that ended 3-2
    21. colby4898
      So if they weren’t disqualified, would Kombat and Deoxys been in the top 8?
    22. HellblazerHawkman
      Knicks would have been out for sure, Tweedy would have been in danger
    23. Lex Luthor II
      Lex Luthor II
      The structure of the competition does allow for this, as he totally did it and was fine according to the rules.

      Lots of teams blatantly throw games when it doesnt suit them, NOT winning those last few NFL games, NOT trying your hardest and sitting your starters, LETTING certain teams win so the playoff seeding changes to your advantage.

      Teams who dont need to win do not try to win, happens all the time.
    24. Mr Aquaman
      Mr Aquaman
      This is false, the rules state what will happen if you throw a match. I can link them if you would like.

      I don't give a fuck what sports do, this is our competition and we don't want to ruin that integrity. Period.
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